Ken Block's Raptortrax

What does Ken Block do when handed the keys to a turn key factory desert built pre-runner?  Simple, turn to SVCOFFROAD of Southern California to create a blizzard eating, snowboard toting, mobile jib park that hauls both Ken and his closest friends deep into the Utah backcountry. The challenges of getting this Ford Raptor to what you all see today was the culmination of countless late nights at SVC headquarters fueled by Monster Energy drinks to keep us all going strong.


The entire interior top section of the roll cage was cut out, reworked and tailored to give Ken the headroom and space he needs to enjoy the path ahead. The Rear bed cage system was designed to keep the occupants snugged down and in the truck, just in case Ken’s rally car roots get the best of him and they find themselves trax up. Once at the final destination, Ken and his crew can attach the quick release BBQ and blast the outdoor stereo system for a fun and relaxing day in the backcountry.Courtesy of Recaro Seats, occupants both inside and out will travel in comfort while enjoying all 650+ horsepower from the SVC Tuned Whipple Supercharger, thus allowing this beast to keep turning the Mattracks system in the deepest of snow.


In case the day runs long, the dark and lonely mountain landscape will be illuminated by both a 30” and 50” LED Rigid Industries light bars mounted to a custom roof rack the doubles as both a removable cargo holder for all the gear, and a system of hand rails for board sliding and jib tricks performed directly on the truck. The 30” LED bar rest snuggly and securely to SVC’s Baja front bumper. A dual pair of Rigid industries D2’s in both Amber and Blue offer a disco light show for the people in the back.


Projects like this are never easy. They require a lot of time and resources, but thanks to special people like Justin from Hoonigan Racing keeping us on task and on time, we got the job done. Without him, and everyone else involved, we don’t see how this could have been pulled off before the snow melted away.


We at SVCOFFROAD would like to thank the following:


Ken Block and the rest of his team at Hoonigan Racing.  Monster Energy for believing in his vision and passion to push the envelope in everything he does. Recaro Seats for getting SVC what we needed on time, and right the first time. Taylor at Ridgid Industries for hooking up the lights needed to make this happen. Kirk at for applying his superior paint skills to the entire cage system.  Mike at Whipple Superchargers for taking care of us for our power needs and Dennis for flying out the Park City to custom tune the vehicle (this is a whole other story for another day). Tim at Glassworks Unlimited for an amazing set of front fiberglass. Most of all, the whole team at SVCOFFROAD. Without them, this never could have been possible.

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SVC Smurfrunner


John Lucasey

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Below is a start to finish build thread of the SVC Luxury Pre-Runner (AKA Smurfrunner).  The truck is completely caged, and is running our 2wd Long Travel Conversion setup up front (18" wheel Travel) and our custom 4 link setup in the back (24" wheel Travel).  We custom built the fuel-cell to hold 60 gallons of fuel with two 39" tires inside the cells interior walls.  For questions about a building your very own Luxury Raptor Pre-Runner, don't hesitate to call us at 888-976-5588.



  • SVC 2wd Long Travel Conversion (18" of travel)

  • SVC Long Travel Lower Control Arms

  • SVC Long Travel 1.5" Uniball Upright

  • SVC Long Travel UCA's

  • Built 5.4L Engine

  • Fox Racing Shox 2.5" Coil-overs

  • Fox Racing Shox 3.5" 3 Tube Bypass shocks

  • Robby Gordon Wheels

  • 39" BFG Project Tires/38" Falken M/T's depending on the day

  • Glassworks Unlimited +4 Front Glass

  • SVC Baja Bumper (custom trimmed for this truck)

  • Powerslot Rotors

  • Raptor Retrofit Custom LED Headlamps

  • CBR PSR Cooler

  • Custom SVC Engine Tune

  • EBC Brake Pads

  • Slotted Rotors



  • SVC Four Link Kit (24" of Travel)

  • Fox Racing Shox 3.0" Coilover

  • Fox Racing Shox 4.4" 5 Tube Bypass Shocks

  • Fox Racing Shox 2.5" Bump Stops

  • 56" Lower Links

  • 2" Upper Links

  • Currie Full Floater Rear-End with Detroit Locker (SWEPCO FLUID)

  • Custom Built Back-half by SVC 1.75" 4130 Tubing

  • Custom Built 60gallon Fuel Cell by SVC with Harmon Racing Cells Bladder

  • Raceco-USA 3 Ton Jack-mount

  • Custom Aluminum Rear paneling by SVC

  • Vision X LED Back Up Lights

  • Vision X 8.7 HID's On Manual Actuated Light Bar

  • Glassworks Unlimited +4 Trophy Truck Bedsides

  • Dual Optima Yellow Top Batteries

  • Single CBR Transmission Cooler

  • Drivelines Inc custom Driveshaft

  • Kartek Limiting Straps

  • Mesa Hose Fittings For Brakes

  • FK Heims and Uniballs

  • EBC Brake Pads



  • Complete 1.75" .120 Wall 4130 Roll Cage from Engine To rear Bumper

  • 3 Mastercraft 3G Seats

  • Schrothe Racing CamLock 5 Point Belts

  • Battery Switch

  • Lowrance GPS

  • Kenwood Radio

  • Custom Suede Headliner By Mikes Autotops

  • New Brake Plumbing.

  • 2.3L Whipple Supercharger

  • Larger Whipple Heat Exchanger

  • PCI Intercom System

John's truck is a cab cage with caged back half tied into our rear bypass rack making for an impressive desert runner without loosing the drivability of the truck.  This 3 seater features a custom interior with suede headliner and back wall to keep it's occupants nice and comfy on those long pre-runs.  Below: is a list of what the truck has on it.


  • SVC Baja Front Bumper

  • SVC Lower Control Arms with Bypass Mount

  • Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass

  • Fox 3.5" Custom SVC Tuned Twin Tube Bypass Shock

  • SVC 1.5" Boxed Upper Control Arms

  • Alpha1 Steering Tie Rods



  • Custom Built SVC Bypass Rack

  • Fox 3.5" 5 Tube Bypass Shocks

  • Deaver +3 Springs

  • SVC Baja V3 Rear Bumper

  • Power Tank

  • Dual Fire Extinguishers

  • 5 Vision X Light Cannons



  • 37in General Tires

  • Method Double Standards 

  • Lowrance GPS 

  • Kenwood Radio

  • PCI Headsets

  • Complete Cab Cage Welded To Frame

  • Mastercraft 3g Seats

  • Glassworks Unlimited +2 Fiberglass Fenders

  • Glassworks Unlimited Fender Liners


Yufengs came to us with a vision.  He wanted a truck that looked different from all the other out there.  It needed to be capable of fast, sustainable 


Yufeng came to us wanting something different for his Raptor. He wanted the truck to be unique.  It had to have a road presence around it, and most of all it needed to haul the mail in the desert.




  • Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass Revalved By SVCOFFROAD

  • FOX 3.5 External Bypass with Remote Reservoir

  • Fiberworx 3 Piece Front Clip

  • SVCOFFROAD Custom Bumper 

  • KC HiD lights

  • Raptor Retrofit Lights


  • SVCOFFROAD Custom Byass Rack

  • SVCOFFROAD ABS Bump Stop System

  • Fox 4.0 Bypass Shocks with Piggy Back Res

  • Custom SVCOFFROAD V3 Rear Bumper Tied Into Rear Cage

  • Rear Amber and Brake Lights in Housing

  • CBR Tranny Coolers

  • Raceco-USA Jackmount

  • Fire Ext Mounts

  • Whip Mount


  • 4130 1.75" .120 wall Cage 

  • Sparco Seats

  • Sparco Steering Wheel

  • Custom Micro Suede Headliner

  • Lowrance GPS 

  • Radio



  • Method True Beadlock Wheels

  • BFG 37" Baja Kr2

  • Stainless Works Headers

  • Custom  Exhaust

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Kirk S

Kirk is a bit of a legend in the Raptor community.  He has been around forever taking care of customers via his website  A few years ago he wanted to take his truck to the next level.  He was the first Raptor to run SVCOFFROAD'S 2wd Long Travel system, and was the second full build to leave SVC's shop.  

We can't thank Kirk enough for trusting us with his baby.  Even though a 4 link transformation is in his future, this truck pounds the whoops with 17.5" of travel up front and 17" in the rear.


  • SVCOFFROAD 2wd Long Travel System

  • Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilovers

  • Fox 3.5 Custom Bypass Shock with Remote Res

  • Baja Coyote Front Bumper 

  • Rigid Duallies

  • Custom Headlights


  • SVCOFFROAD Custom 4130 1.75in .120wall Cage 

  • Glassworks Unlimited +4 Bedsides

  • Fox 18inch 3.5 Bypass shocks with Piggyback Res


  • SVCOFFROAD 4130 1.75in .120wall Cage

  • Lowrance GPS

  • Custom headliner


  • 37x13.5 BFG Baja KRT

  • Method Double Standards

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Mike P

Mike P is a longtime SVC patron that has always been there for us.  He loves being the first to try new parts, and is never shy at telling us how we can make them better or more user freindly.  He is the perfect one-man focus group that uses his truck in a way that makes us very proud.  


  • SVC UCA's

  • SVC LCA's

  • SVC Dual Bypass Mount

  • Alpha 1 Tierods

  • Fox 3.0 Coilover with SVC valving

  • Fox 3.5 Custom Bypass

  • SVCOFFROAD Front Baja Bumper


  • SVCOFFROAD V1 Rear Bypass Rack Tied Into Interior Cage

  • SVCOFFROAD Gen 2 Adjustable Bump System

  • Fox 3.5" 18" Bypass Shocks

  • Fox 2.5 Bump Stop

  • Deaver +3 Springs

  • SVCOFFROAD V3 Rear Bumper


  • SVCOFFROAD Interior Roll Cage 4130 1.75" .120 Wall Tubing

  • Custom Sound System

  • Custom Suede Interior

  • Momo Seats on Removable Seat Mounts

  • Schrothe Belts

  • Method Wheels

  • 37in Deegan Tires

  • Vision X Cannons

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This build for us was a build of firsts.  It was our first 4wd Long Travel system to hit the dirt.  It was our first 4 door 4 Link build and it was our first to do the fuel cell in the way that we did.  To say we are pleased with the outcome is an understatement at best.  This truck was built to the nines.  It features 18" of travel up front, 24" of travel in the rear.  A 70+ Gallon fuel cell, custom wrapped Mastercraft 3g seats in genuine alcantera suede.  The lighting package is off the charts bright. The motor is pushing over 600hp and the shock backage is as good as it gets.  


The truck floats over big holes with ease and plushness, yet feels nimble on its feet.  The catcus coolers keep the dampers cool in the heat of the desert while the 39" BFG Baja's punish the rocks.  Inside, the cab is as silent as possible thanks to layer-after-layer of sound deadening material and Bose noise cancelling headsets for all four occupents. Bottom Line, this truck might be one of the most fun trucks we have had the pleasure of blasting through the mud of Ohio and the dry desert whoops of the Mojave Desert.



  • 18" Of Wheel Travel

  • SVCOFFROAD 4wd Long Travel System

  • Fox 2.5" Coilovers

  • Fox 4.0" 3 Tube Bypass Shocks

  • King 2.0" Shorty Air Bump

  • 300M Axles

  • RCV IWE Delete Kit

  • SVCOFFROAD Smurfrunner Bumper/Custom Valance

  • Stainlesss Steel Brake Lines

  • Raptor Retrofit Headlights

  • Vision X Light Cannons

  • Aluminum Wheel Well Panels

  • Glassworks Unlimted +4 Fenders


  • 24" Of Wheel Travel

  • SVCOFFROAD Custom Lower Links

  • SVCOFFROAD Custom Upper Links

  • SVCOFFROAD Custom Fuel Cell with Harmon Racing Bladder

  • Fox 3.0" 16" Coilovers/Eibach Springs

  • Fox 4.4" 5 Tube Bypass with Catcus Coolers

  • Fox 2.5" Bump Stops

  • Custom Storage Compartment

  • Dual Optima Yellowtop Batteries

  • Dual 39" BFG Baja Tires

  • Electric Light Actuator

  • CBR Tranny Coolers

  • Custom SVCOFFROAD Aluminum Paneling

  • Hydraulic Jackmount 

  • Custom Fabricated 4130 1.75" .120wall Rear Cage System

  • Fire Supression

  • Aluminum Undertray Skid Plates

  • Glassworks Unlimited Custom +4 Bedsides For SVCOFFROAD

  • Drivelines Unlimited 2 Piece Driveshaft

  • Currie F9 Full Floater Rear End



  • SVCOFFROAD Custom 4130 1.75" .120wall Cage From Bumper To Bumper

  • Roush Supercharger

  • 6 39"BFG Baja's

  • 6 Method Truck Beadlocks

  • Vision X Light Cannons

  • Rigid Industry E-Series

  • Lowrance GPS 

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headsets

  • 4 Mastercraft 3 G Seats with Seat Heaters and Lumbar Custom Wrapped in Genuine Alcantara

  • Custom Alcantara Suede Headliner By Mikes Autotops

  • 3Layer dynomat With Sound Insulated Carpet

  • PCI Elite 4 Comm Radio

  • AEM A/F Guage

  • Dual Battery Switch

  • Custom Roush SVCOFFROAD Tune

  • Icom Radio

  • Scrothe Camlock Belts

  • Custom Plumbed By SVCOFFROAD

  • Kartek Limiting Straps

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