• X-treme Offroad Mode = Over 1.5" Extra Bump Travel
  • Stock Offroad Mode
  • 2.0 Fox Racing Shox Internal Floating Piston Bump Stop Or King 2.5 Standard Bumps
  • CNC Laser Cut and Bent Plate
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • 100% Bolt On
  • Works With All Exhaust Systems.
  • Included Installation Wrench



Click Here For Video Of The New Fox IFP Bump Stop In Action


Click Here For Installation Video :  Note, video doesn't show the new revised adjustable bump system.  All new kits will be sent out with three bolts holding it to the frame, and not the two as shown in the video. SVC will supply a third nut welded to a large washer to be used in the middle hole of the frame brace.






SVCOFFROAD Gen 2 Raptor Adjustable Bump System

Add Deaver Springs
Bump Stop
  • We've been hard at work developing our new Adjustable Bump System for the 2017 Gen 2 Raptor.  We've not only stayed with our industry leading adjustabilty, but added too it for the Gen 2 crew.  We are now featuring Fox's Racing Shox Internal Floating Piston bump stop.  What does this mean?  Simple, you have all the bottoming out compression control that you could ever need, but still have a soft intitial impact which reduces rear-end donkey kicking that plagues these trucks with other bump kits.  For more detailed info on how this bump works, click here


    The Gen 2 ABS kit is fitted with a removable bump can that can be adjusted up or down.  When you move the bump can up, the kit is then in Xtreme Offroad mode. The highest setting will allow you to install a rear Bypass Rack and run a longer race shock through the bed for increased damping and bump travel.  


    Note:  Leave the bump can in stock setting for all shock applications that mount to existing factory shock mounts.



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