• What You Get!
  • SVC Gen Two Adjustable Bump System
  • SVC 1.5" UCA
  • Fox or King 2.5" Air-Bumps
  • Fox Or King 3.0" Front Coilovers
  • Fox or King 3.0" Rear Bypass Shocks
  • Deaver Leaf Springs
  • Alpha One Aluminum Steering Tie Rods
  • Note: For Online Ordering Air-Bump and Shocks Must Be Of Same Brand

2010-14 Raptor Race Package

Bump Stops
Spring Height
  • Over $750.00 In Real Savings

    Have you ever dreamed of flying over those set of whoops that you wouldn't dare venture 30mph over with the stock setup?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to slam a G'out that would normally leave you cringing, but actually soak it up like its nothing more than a parking lot entrance?  Or have you ever dreamed of a setup that will allow you to sky your truck without rebounding off the ground 5 times after it lands with the comfort of knowing your frame is as straight as the moment it left the ground?  If you suffer from any of these stock Raptor ailments, and want nothing less than the absolute best in bolt on control for your Raptor, then it's time you bite the bullet and slap on a full SVC Race Package.


    With the SVC Race package, you will receive  everything the Pre-Run Package has to offer, plus either a full set of Fox 3.0" high-tech front and rear bypass shocks, or King's 3.0"s on all four corners.  On the road you will notice a sense of confidence and control without brutal harshness or chatter that the OE shocks suffer from.  You will finally feel what's it's like to have a real race-shock, made from the same components that go into each and every one of the actual race shocks that help unlimited buggies and trucks scream across the open desert.  


    With the SVC Race Package, you will quickly realize that once the path turns from pavement to gravel, you begin to understand just how inadequate the factory shocks are when you want to take your truck for more than just a short sprint, in a semi rough section.  With 3.0"s, regardless of the brand, you will notice massive damping forces that control the ride.  You can run them for mile after harsh mile without over heating.  Their shock oils are designed to take the beating, the pistons are hard anodized to cope with the heat.  The external reservoirs are designed to keep the shock temps down and threaded bodies let you control spring pre-load.  The tuning possibilities with optional compression adjusters and simple bypass adjustments let you hone in the ride no matter where your geographical location or what-ever your driving style is.  


    When you go with the SVC Race Package, Ride heights are set to the customers desires and custom valving scenarios are offered for those who require a different type of setup from the next guy, and in that lies the beauty of the whole package.  Ride heights, payload options, tuning options and the freedom to make alignment adjustments are all built into the whole package.  We have thousands of miles of testing these packages under our belts and know what works, and what doesn't. 


    Like everything SVC builds, our parts are tested beyond anything you will most likely ever do to your truck. We only use the best of hardware, build everything right here in the U.S.A. and use only the best CNC benders and laser cutters in the industry to offer consistent components.  


    SVC stands behind each and every item to ensure you have mile after mile of worry free off-roading, no matter where the unbeaten path takes you, your SVC Race Package will give your truck the tools needed to make quick work of even the biggest of obstacles.


    Note:  It's very important to retorque all bolts after each off-road session and the first 1,0000 miles.


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